Toimittajalta toiselle: 200 sanaa – BGTW Photographer of the Year 2012 Tim Bird

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Looking for adventure

When I first came to live in Finland more than 30 years ago it was partly because I knew nothing about it and I wanted an adventure. I still live here but I’m still looking for adventures in new places. Travel writing and photography are great ways to make a living. People say I’m lucky, but it was my choice to do this. The photography side has become a bigger part of my work, and there’s nothing I like more than arriving in a new place and enjoying the silly idea that I am the first to discover it.

There is an art to capturing something of the essence of a place in a short period. Sometimes I have more time in a place and to get to know the people. This has happened recently in India, which is endlessly, amazingly inspiring from a photographic point of view.

It’s a challenge to shoot a place in an original way but that is what makes it exciting. When photographing people, I try to make a shot an encounter with those people, however brief, rather than just a snatched image. A visual joke, a gesture, a smile shared, not just a shot followed by a quick retreat.

Tim Bird
Journalist, editor, photographer

Member, British Guild of Travel Writers
Member, Finnish Guild of Travel Journalists