Syyria: Faces of memory -kampanja

Toimittajat ilman rajoja haluaa kiinnittää maailman huomion toimittajien murhiin Syyriassa. James Foley mestattiin kolme kuukautta sitten, Steven Sotloff murhattiin syyskuussa ja Mazen Darwish on edelleen vangittuna Syyriassa.

Aleppo, Steven Sotloff


Taftanaz, James Foley


Damascus, Mazen Darwish


Lue lisää kampanjasta englanniksi:

“Faces of Memory” campaign on journalists in Syria

Three months after US journalist James Foley’s murder in Syria, Reporters Without Borders and the 84.Paris creative ideas agency are launching an international visual campaign to draw attention to atrocities against local and foreign journalists in Syria.

Available in French, English and Spanish, the campaign is based on the concept of “retinal persistence” and consists of three visuals, each representing a map of a Syrian city (Damascus, Taftanaz and Aleppo) where a journalist has been killed or is imprisoned. By staring at the centre of the city in each visual and then closing your eyes, you see the faces of the three journalists chosen for the campaign.

The first two visuals pay tribute to US journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff, who were murdered by Islamic State on 19 August and 2 September respectively. The third reveals Mazen Darwish, founder of the Syrian Centre for Media and Freedom of Expression and winner of the 2012 Reporters Without Borders Press Freedom Prize, who has been held in Syrian government jails for the past two years.

Thanks to this original technique, the “Faces of Memory” campaign encourages the reader to remember these three journalists and the many other reporters who have taken enormous risks to ensure that the world does not ignore the human tragedies and political conflicts that have engulfed this country.

Syria is now the world’s most dangerous country for journalists, who are systematically targeted by Bashar Al-Assad’s security forces, pro-government militia and Jihadi groups, including Islamic State.

A total of 40 journalists, including 13 foreign ones, have been killed in Syria in connection with their work since March 2011, while 129 Syrian citizen-journalists have also been murdered.

Five foreign journalists are currently missing or held hostage in Syria, one of them by Islamic State. Around 20 Syrian journalists are currently held by IS or other armed groups, and around 40 are being held by the Assad regime.